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Page Updated:
Apr. 10, 2005

All content
© 1995-2005
Tom Gilmore

What's New on the CC Website?

Saving you time by pointing you straight to the newest, coolest stuff !

Grinning Souls review & live news April 2005
* News from the first ever live shows by the Grinning Souls with Nick!
* New 2005 promo picture of Nick on the front page!
* Posted full review of the new Grinning Souls CD, track-by-track.
* Added GS CD to the front page list (LH-side) & updated the header text to say CD is now out.
* Moved all older news (prior to '05) to the Archive News page.

Introducing Grinning Souls Updates from 2004
* Broke the exciting news of Nick's return to the studio to record the new Grinning Souls CD!
* Posted Nick's Xmas letter for a wrap-up of 2003!
* Previewed FIVE new tracks from the forthcoming Grinning Souls CD!
* Added new classic Cutting Crew pictures to the Photo Gallery - now expanded
* Refreshed the look of more pages with the new layout & color scheme.
News on Nick & Lyrics from Kevin Update Apr. 26, 2003
* Refreshed the look of the website's front page with a full banner and new color scheme! :)
* Updated the front page with news of Nick's recent interview on Barbados radio.
* Added special unpublished lyrics from two songs by Kevin Macmichael.
* Refreshed the What's New and Archived News pages (more to come).
Changes since fall of 2002 Apr. 25, 2003
Many changes took place to the website since last fall including:
* The sad news about the passing of Kevin Macmichael and all the great tributes to him.
* Nick Van Eede toured Germany with the Night of the Proms in Dec. 2002! Photos from the tour have been posted too!
* Nick wrote a special letter to the readers of this website with his thoughts on 2002.
* The picture gallery was updated with new photos and one dedicated to Kevin Macmichael.
* A number of people have stopped by the Messageboard to introduce themselves and say hi!
Cutting Crew video game Oct. 26, 2002
* Updated the front page news with news about the GTA: Vice City game with CC on the soundtrack!
* Began adding new photos to the gallery.
DVD news and a new remix Aug. 11, 2002
* Updated the front page news about the Can't Buy Me Love DVD and Kevin
* Added a new remix as the Track of the month to the Sounds page!
Track of the Month June 16, 2002
* Added a b-side as the new Track of the month to the Sounds page!
* Added lyrics for that song to the b-sides lyrics page too.
New & Rare Track of the Month May 5, 2002
* Added a new and very rare Track of the month by The Drivers to the Sounds page!
* Added lyrics for that song and the previous rare b-side as well.
Concert for Kevin report / new banner Apr. 27, 2002
* Added a full report on the concert for Kevin Macmichael held in Halifax on March 28, 2002.
* Refreshed the look of the front page with a new website logo! :)
* Missed the Track of the month for April, sorry. Check back in May.
News update about Kevin Macmichael Mar. 19, 2002
* Updated the front page with news of Kevin's illness and the benefit concert for him.
* Added a new Track of the month.
Website report, new monthly track Feb. 10, 2002
* Added a new Track of the month to the Sounds page
* Added a page for the Scattering album
* Added a page for the Compus Mentus album
* Added a page for the Greatest Hits album
* Updated the Albums page to link to these new pages
* Updated the news on the front page to mention these updates & site traffic report
* Refreshed the graphics for the album links on the front page.
Nick Eede live report, amazing photos & new sound clips Jan. 17, 2002
* Added a full review of Nick's live appearance at the Kashmir from last November
* Added 12 new and amazing live photos of the Cutting Crew from 1987 to the Photos page
* Added the "Special MP3 Track" of the month to the Sounds page
* Added "Friends of the Band" to the Links page
* Moved older news to the News page.
Website Refresh Jan. 5, 2002
* Refreshed the look (colors, fonts, etc.) of ALL pages on the website
* Changed the email address and update dates for all pages on the site
* Began using new tools for all content creation assistance (1st Page 2000 ROCKS!)
* More graphics and look-and-feel updates to come...
Nick Eede updates Oct. 27, 2001
* Updated the main page with more details on Nick's Switzerland appearance in May
* Added TEN NEW photos to the photos page, including a NEW Nick photo - check it out!
* Added a picture and details about Cathy Burton to the front page news
Nick at the Festival of Hope Update Aug. 21, 2001
* Updated the main page with a report & pics from Nick's Festival appearance in May !!
* Added an Archived news page to keep the older news stories and linked it to the front page
Colin Farley Update Feb. 24, 2001
* Updated the main page with news about Colin's birthday and current band
* Added a new snap of Nick to the front page (Thanks !!)
* Added a mini-bio for Colin
* Added a live version of IJDIYA to the Sounds page and a note about it on the main page
* Updated the links page
Nick Eede Update Dec. 10, 2000
* Updated the main page with news about Nick's appearances this year !
* Added some pics to the Photos page that you may have missed
This website now searchable from Yahoo, Google and Altavista. A big thumbs down to Lycos/Hotbot!
Videos Update Oct. 19, 2000
* Updated the videos page with the details of all the Broadcast-era videos
* Added pages for the 2 versions of the I Just Died In Your Arms video
* Added news & an article about Kevin Macmichael possibly being on tour with Pete Best
* Added news on Compus Mentus sales & hits to the front page

I'm glad to see Yahoo has updated my site in their index, too bad the rest of the search engines can't get their act together and update theirs! :(
Martin Beedle Update Sept. 29, 2000
* Added a small biography on Martin Beedle
* Added his birthday and brand new appearance to the front page
* Updated the discography page with more information on his career & other info.
* Added more links and shops to the Where to Buy page
* Added full recording information to the Broadcast CD page
Well, with the launch of the new site here I consider everything to be shiny and new! In addition to the features you will recognize though, look for new items such as:

* Photos section
* Discography
* Message Board (because YOU demanded it!)
* Band member bios
* Soundclips in MP3
* Links
* More articles
* More places to find rare CDs !

A lot of these pages are NEW so I haven't had time to complete them yet but I will so hang in there - I will use the Listbot & Messageboard to let you know when new things go online.

Because of all the changes some things might be broken - if so email me and let me know, thanks!
Historical Changes 1995-2000
(In the interest of not boring you to death, I've removed the changes that date back to 1995. Suffice to say this site might not change daily but it's been online for a longggg time now!)

All content, layout and images are (C) Tom Gilmore unless noted, and may not be reproduced without express permission.