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Page Updated:
Nov. 30, 2003

All content
© 1995-2003
Tom Gilmore

Where To Buy Cutting Crew CDs

Show the band your support by purchasing their CDs or locate that hard-to-find CD.

New CD Stores  
A&B Sound - Canadian retailer that ships worldwide
COM4 - You might find The Chernobyl Poppies with Kevin Macmichael here (now hosted on eBay)
HMV - Ships worldwide (now part of Amazon)
Tower Records - Online store
Virgin MegaStore - Worldwide shopping
Rare & Used CD Stores  
eBay - Click to search for all Cutting Crew items currently available (See NOTE below!)
Matt's CD Singles - Great list of CC items for sale
Music Stack - BIG list of CC items for private sale, use the Search function.
Yahoo - Hundreds of other CD shops listed here
ZShops @ Amazon.Co.UK - Always has lots of CC items on sale, use the Search function.

Please be aware that many items listed on eBay are classified as "OOP" (Out Of Print) when in fact they are not! Check the New CD shops listed above for the Canadian re-issues of the Cutting Crew's CDs if you are in doubt.

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