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Page Updated:
Apr. 28, 2003

All content
© 1995-2003
Tom Gilmore

Cutting Crew Videos

Details on all of their commercial and music videos.
Request them on MTV2 OR on Much More Music.

Broadcast album 1987
I Just Died Jap. Video promo
(Japanese promo VHS video from 1987
contains these 4 videos from "Broadcast".)
1. (I Just) Died In Your Arms - original version
2. (I Just) Died In Your Arms - second version
3. One For The Mockingbird - A video best described as difficult to watch because of the constant flashing and changing images, many of them include Nick's face on the TV used in the video. Click for a small collage of pics from the video.
4. I've Been In Love Before - There are two versions. The original version is very dramatic full of horses, mountains, deserts and bonfires at night (if you can imagine a video for "Sahara" this could have been it). The second version (perhaps more widely seen) is black & white and features a number of scantily clad female models wandering around... This second version was apparently released in four different color-tinted versions as well.
5. Any Colour - This video features a lot of still images of the band, mostly in a warehouse. It was never released to video stations and is considered a promo only.

The Scattering album 1989
1. Between A Rock & A Hard Place - black & white performance video.

2. Everything But My Pride - color video, excellent production.

3. The Scattering (promo only) - black & white video.

The Scattering, video promo
(UK VHS promo video for the song "The Scattering")

Compus Mentus album 1992
No videos were made for this release.

LIVE 1987

Cutting Crew - Live at Full House video The Cutting Crew - Live at Full House video features 6 songs recorded live for German TV in 1987. This amazing performance includes:
1. Any Colour
2. Fear of Falling
3. Sahara
4. - interview segment with Nick & Kevin - (overdubbed in German)
5. One for the Mockingbird
6. I've Been In Love Before
7. I Just Died In Your Arms

This show was released on VHS and a very limited Japanese laserdisc as well.

The Drivers - Short Cuts (Nick's first band) 1983
1. Tears On Your Anorak
(and possibly other videos as well.)

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