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Page Updated:
Dec. 21, 2003

All content
© 1995-2003
Tom Gilmore

Cutting Crew Sound Clips

What's a band webpage without a sampling of the music that makes them so great !
Enjoy these clips of the band's music and send me your requests if you don't see what you're looking for.

Special MP3 Track of the Month  
Dec 2003 - Mirror & A Blade (Live) [6:17] [Lyrics here]
By popular request this previous track of the month is back! This is THE best Cutting Crew track that never made it to an official release - enjoy! (This is the "Cutting Crew - Live In London" version).

Got a request for the Track of the month? Send me an email and I'll do my best!

Still available - the last selection...

August 2002 - Resource - Died In Your Arms (radio version) [3:43] [Lyrics here]
A recent club hit in Europe, this is a remixed version of "I Just Died In Your Arms". The song was produced by the Bass Bumpers team (part of the Ministry of Sound) for Resource. This is the radio version which includes the full verses, which is different than the club mix which just has the choruses. (And in case you're wondering, that is NOT Nick on vocals!) I don't have much more information about the song but it's pretty good so have a listen.

Previous selections (offline)

June 2002 - Christians [3:40] [Lyrics here]
Not much is known about this month's selection, found on the b-side of the Scattering single (from the album of the same name). Written by Nick and Kevin, it seems like a work in progress with fairly complete lyrics but a simple bridge and small guitar part. This song can also be found on the Greatest Hits CD. One other piece of trivia for you... on my copy of the 45' single (Siren 118) the song is titled "Christian" on the record itself, although it's still listed as "Christians" on the cover. The lyrics are included here for you as well - enjoy!

May 2002 - The Drivers - Tears On Your Anorak [3:07] [Lyrics here]
Before Nick and Kevin came together to form the Cutting Crew they were in two separate bands: Kevin in Fast Forward and Nick in The Drivers. The Drivers put out one full album in 1983 called "Short Cuts" and played the UK extensively. This is the biggest single from that album, and refers to an "anorak" which is a heavy jacket with a hood (in case you were wondering). Nick's English accent is front and centre but you can tell it's him by the end of the first verse.
Some other tidbits about this song...
  • In the album liner notes it says: "You keep calling me your lover, but I'm just your undercover friend. The classic situation - boy meets girl, love, deceit, tears; and all in 3 minutes."
  • This song reached #23 on the local charts in Toronto, Canada in 1983 (it was also recorded there).
  • The album was only released on LP and cassette - and is long out of print of course.
  • And there is apparently a video out there for this song somewhere too.
Other than some die-hard fans on our Messageboard site here , I have never seen ANY information about the Drivers on the Web, let alone this song so ENJOY!! (And thanks to Earl Hoffman for the suggestion!)

March 2002 - Mirror & A Blade (Live) [6:17] [Lyrics here]
A little late this month but worth the wait! As requested by Magnus Kristiansen, this song was played live during the Broadcast tour but never made it to an official album. A shame considering that it just plain rocks!! A fast paced song with an amazing solo by Kevin MacMichael it is very much worth a listen, trust me. This version comes from the "Cutting Crew - Live In London" show, recorded the week after the Broadcast album was released and is straight from the soundboard.

February 2002 - Sahara (Live) [6:26] [Lyrics here]
My selection for this month is from the King Biscuit Flower Hour, a live radio show. This show featured the Cutting Crew's appearance at the Riverfest in St. Paul, Minnesota during a humid summer in 1987. The recording is superb and features awesome guitar playing from Kevin, Nick on vocals and acoustic guitar, and rich keyboard layers from Tony Moore. An excellent performance!!

January 2002 - As Frigid As England [3:37] [Lyrics here]
This month's track is from the Cutting Crew's "mysterious" and difficult to find 3rd album Compus Mentus. As strong and complex as their previous efforts, this amazing album was released just as Virgin records was 'cutting' the band from its roster. Unfortunately the album was never promoted properly and unavailable outside of Europe.
This track is one my favorites from the CD and I find the mood of the song superbly matches the picture painted by the lyrics. Enjoy!!

Broadcast 1987
(I Just) Died In Your Arms - The band's HUGE #1 hit song.

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