The 2nd Album

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Page Updated:
Feb. 10, 2002


© 1995-2002
Tom Gilmore
Cutting Crew - The Scattering

Album released in 1989.


Original Album Cover:
Album Cover

The Scattering

Nick Van Eede: Voice
Kevin MacMichael: Guitars and Vocals
Colin Farley: Bass Guitar and Vocals
Martin "Frosty" Beedle: Drums, Percussion & Distant Vocals

Recorded during 1988 in England
Producers: Peter-John Vettese & Cutting Crew
[Click here for the alternate album cover]

SongSingleAudio Clip LyricsVideo
1. A Year In The Wilderness [4:45] X Xexists
2. The Scattering [5:01]YesX Xexists
3. Big Noise [4:01]YesX X 
4. Everything But My Pride [5:10] X Xexists
5. Handcuffs For Houdini [3:41] X X 
6. (Between A) Rock & A Hard Place [4:17] YesX X2 versions ?
7. Tip Of Your Tongue [3:35] X X 
8. Reach For The Sky [5:05] X X 
9. The Last Thing [3:56] X X 
10. Feel The Wedge [5:37] X X 
11. Binkies Return [1:30] X X 
12. (The Great One-Handed) Brag [6:06] X X 

More Details  
Additional players:

Peter-John Vetesse - All keyboards, sequencing and strained vocals.
The Whistle Binkies: Eddie McGuire (flute), Mark Hayward (Fiddle), Rab Wallace (Pipes), Stuart Cydmann (Squeeze Box), Mick Broderick (Bodhran) on "The Scattering".
Chyna, Marcia Johnson & Charles Bowyer - Additional vocals on "Big Noise".
Jackie Rawe - Feature vocals on "Everything But My Pride", and "Feel The Wedge".
The Strawberry Chorale - Additional vocals on "Handcuffs For Houdini".
Danny Cummings - Percussion on "Reach For The Sky".
Ron Aspery - Saxophone on "The Last Thing".
Vladimir Pizowfski - Viola on "Brag".

Additional production credits:

Peter-John Vetesse - Produced all tracks except track 4.
Don Gehman - Produced "Everything But My Pride".
Hugh Padgham - Mixed all tracks except track 12.
Curtis Schwartz - Mixed "Brag", Engineer.
Teo Miller & Matthew Olivier - Additional engineering at Black Barn.
John Pennington - Additional engineering at Strawberry North.
Al Stone - Mixing assistant to Hugh Padgham.

The album was recorded at these studios:

Curtis Schwartz's Studio (Sussex, England), Black Barn (Surrey, England) & Strawberry North (Lancashire, England - now a film/video studio).