The 1st Album

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Page Updated:
Jan. 26, 2002


© 1995-2002
Tom Gilmore
Cutting Crew - Broadcast

The first album was released in 1986.


Original U.K. Album Cover:
UK Album Cover


Nick Van Eede: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Additional Keys
Kevin MacMichael: Guitars, Roland, Emulator, Bkg. Vocals
Colin Farley: Bass, Piano, Bkg. Vocals
Martin "Frosty" Beedle: Drums & Percussion, Bkg. Vocals

Recorded February - July 1986, in England & New York
Produced by: Terry Brown & Cutting Crew
[Click here for the U.S. Album Cover]

SongSingleAudio Clip LyricsVideo
1. Any Colour [4:41]YesX XX
2. One For The Mockingbird [4:20]YesX XX
3. I've Been In Love Before [5:18]YesX X2 versions
4. Life In A Dangerous Time [4:30] X X 
5. Fear Of Falling [4:52] X X 
6. (I Just) Died In Your Arms [4:37] YesX X2 versions
7. Don't Look Back [4:08] X X 
8. Sahara [4:53] X X 
9. It Shouldn't Take Too Long [4:06] X X 
10. The Broadcast [6:38] X X 

More Details  
Additional players:

Pete Adams - Sequencer on "One For The Mockingbird", "It Shouldn't Take Too Long".
Gary Barnacle - Sax on "Don't Look Back" and "Sahara".
Pete Birch - Background vocals on "I Just Died In Your Arms".
David Le Boult - Keys on "I've Been In Love Before".
Jimmy Maelen - Percussion on "I've Been In Love Before".
Chris Townsend - Bass on "Life In A Dangerous Time".
Peter-John Vetesse - Sequencer on "Any Colour" / Keys on "One For The Mockingbird", "Life In A Dangerous Time", "I Just Died In Your Arms", "Don't Look Back", "Sahara", "It Shouldn't Take Too Long", and "The Broadcast".
Peter Woodroffe - Fairlight on "It Shouldn't Take Too Long" and "The Broadcast".

Additional production credits:

Tim Palmer - Remixed tracks 1, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.
Phil Brown & Terry Brown - Mixed "Don't Look Back".
Tony Taverner - Mixed "Life In A Dangerous Time".
Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero - Mixed "I've Been In Love Before".

The album was recorded at these studios:

Ridge Farm (UK), Air Studios (UK), Terminal 24 (UK), Comforts Place (UK), Chipping Norton (UK, now closed), and Media Sound (New York, now closed).