Nick's on the tube!

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Page Updated:
Jan. 5, 2002


© 1995-2002
Tom Gilmore
I Just Died In Your Arms (#1)

This is the original version produced for the UK.


Like a lot of 80's videos, this one is goofy. It is mostly black and white, and a lot of the time Nick is running around BEHIND the stage while the band is still performing! The camera is constantly roving, and my biggest complaint is that it rarely focused on the band themselves. I also don't think it really suits the song itself, which may be one reason why the U.S. record company did a second version.
On the flipside, I have been told that this video is notable for the fact that a lot of shots are long, continuous and uninterrupted (like when Nick is being chased around by the cameraman on a mini motorbike!).