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Page Updated:
Apr. 8, 2002


© 1995-2002
Tom Gilmore
I Just Died In Your Arms (#2)

This is the second version of the video produced for the U.S.

WATCH A CLIP !! - I Just Died In Your Arms Version #2 (clip) [9 MB]

A special treat... here is a 1 minute clip of the video seen below (a new scan in high quality MPEG)! Note that the file is large and could take some time to download.
If you like it LET ME KNOW, thanks!


This is the 2nd version of this video (done for the U.S. record company), and features a cut-up view of many of the onscreen images. The pictures alternate between the band performing and a woman in lingerie looking depressed... the mood seems to suit the song a lot better though. The editing effect is interesting too.
(My apologies for the quality of the scans, my copy of the video is a little poor.)