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Page Updated:
Dec. 2019

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Tom Gilmore

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Fall 1995

Cutting Crew CDs:

Grinning Souls
The Scattering
Compus Mentus
Greatest Hits
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Grinning Souls CD:

Best known for their huge 1987 hit "(I Just) Died In Your Arms", Cutting Crew was formed in England in 1985 by vocalist Nick Van Eede and guitarist Kevin Macmichael, and included drummer Martin Beedle and bass player Colin Farley.
Kevin Macmichael passed away in 2002 and his spirit lives in on the music he played.
Nick Van Eede has reformed the Cutting Crew with a new CD called Grinning Souls - available NOW!

NEW Cutting Crew official website! Update Feb. 9, 2006

A new official website went live today for the Cutting Crew with a very easy-to-remember address: This amazing looking website has a very cool style and is packed full of stuff, including the best of the Grinning Souls website. At the moment only the Flash version of the site is available, which opens with a wonderful full sample of "Hard On You", the new single. My only disappointment is that it doesn't work on Firefox yet, something I hope they resolve soon. The "Store" link isn't live yet either, but that will likely be up and running in time for the new album's release date in late February. Be sure to sign their guestbook!

You should also check out Nick's new page on MySpace, a popular way for people to share their thoughts, pics and news with friends. Hopefully it will be like a blog but more appealing.
(I noticed that browsing MySpace with IE requires one to register to view the page ... Firefox doesn't force you to do this first though ... hmmm).

Meantime, Nick's tour as the Cutting Crew is getting good reviews from those fans lucky enough to be there! The band sounds great and the choice of cover songs is being very well received. Hopefully someone out there can send us a few photos to share? And please do send in your reviews as I will post them! Rumours are already swirling about more touring in Europe including stops in the UK! More news to come soon!

Cutting Crew on tour for 2006! Update Jan. 29, 2006

What great news for 2006 - the Cutting Crew is officially back and going on tour soon! Nick Van Eede has announced the return of the Cutting Crew name, with the renaming of the current CD to "Grinning Souls". This makes sense really as the Cutting Crew name is already known to many people worldwide. Germany is the place to be next month as the band kicks off the first tour under their name in well over 10 years! There are currently 13 stops planned, and here's hoping for more. Fans can expect a pleasant change as new band members play an acoustic-style show with over a dozen songs per night including Grinning Souls material and Cutting Crew favorites (of course!).

Tour dates in Germany:
* Feb. 3, 2006 - BAD ENDBACH @ Oxygen (map)
* Feb. 4 - FREUDENBURG @ Ducsaal (map) -
* Feb. 5 - BONN @ Klangstation (map) -
* Feb. 6 - ESSEN @ Zeche Carl (map) -
* Feb. 8 - HAMBURG @ Downtown Bluesclub (map) -
* Feb. 10 - MELLE-BUER @ Kulturwerkstatt (map) -
* Feb. 11 - ISERNHAGEN @ Bluesgarage (map) -
* Feb. 12 - WETTER @ Earth-Music-Hall (map) -
* Feb. 14 - FRANKFURT @ Sinkkasten (map) -
* Feb. 15 - BERLIN @ Quasimodo (map) -
* Feb. 16 - AUGSBURG @ Spectrum (map) -
* Feb. 17 - ZW÷NITZ @ Musikcafť Heartbeat (map) -
* Feb. 18 - SCHWERIN @ Speicher (map) -
Grinning Souls Tour 2006

Be sure to tune in here for tour news as it happens!!

Earlier this month, Nick gave a great interview with an online site called Thanks to the modern technology of the Podcast, you can hear this interview in its entirety! Listen as Nick muses about the early days of the Drivers, how the Cutting Crew came to be, writing songs, touring stories and now the new CD and plans for 2006! (Nick even took time to mention myself and this website - now how cool is that?!) Check out Nick's interview with Shadoe Steele at (Scroll down to the find the show. You don't need an iPod to enjoy this - just download the MP3 and listen!)

Also, you may have missed it (I did too) but there's an interesting article from 2004 by Ron Foley Macdonald, a local writer in Atlantic Canada, about Nick, Kevin and the formation of Grinning Souls here.

Coming soon is more news about the Cutting Crew's release of "Grinning Souls" on a new record label (Hypertension) and the planned release of the first single "Hard On You" in February...

Happy 10th Anniversary for Cutting Crew Homepage! Fall 2005

It's a bit hard for even your humble webmaster to believe but... I am proud to announce that this little website is now officially TEN YEARS OLD!! What began with a simple desire to reach out to fellow Cutting Crew fans around the world has led me on a very interesting journey indeed...
It was early in 1995 when I started learning HTML and thought about putting something like this out there, just as music websites were starting to appear. Yahoo! had also just arrived and this site quickly became the #1 search result for "Cutting Crew", where it's been ever since. Few people knew what the word Google meant, never mind the website didn't even exist yet. I'm pleased that you'll find this site as the #1 search result on there too - thanks to all of you.

The highlights for me are many, but surely the most amazing is that I finally got to meet Nick Van Eede himself. Nick has been a big supporter of this website and I'm very thankful for his encouragement. Not to mention the amazing chance to sing background vocals on his CD! I was also fortunate to speak with Kevin MacMichael a few times on the phone and he was a kind and gentle soul - we miss you Kevin. I have also been in touch with Colin Farley and Tony Moore, with Tony proving to be an excellent tour guide & host. The only one I haven't had a chance to talk to is Martin but I'm sure the day will come.
The Cutting Crew's fans are also some of the friendliest and coolest people out there. They come from all walks of life, and from many countries around the world. Some of you have done kind things for me, whether it was telling me the latest news, sending little things in the mail or just saying "good job" - I appreciate all of it! My goal for for this site was to reach out to you and I think it's been realized many times over.
I am continually impressed by the number of visitors to the site which I'd estimate at easily 100,000+ people over the years (kinda hard to count as I changed counters a few times). Who knows how many emails you've sent me, let's just say lots! And all of your posts on the messageboards too - thanks so much.

The future is very bright as the Internet continues to grow and more people join us here on the Web every day. The Cutting Crew also lives on, as Nick pursues new directions with a new focus and exciting new music. Would you have imagined 10 years ago where we have arrived today? Me neither! Keep the faith, and my sincerest thanks to all.

Tom Gilmore

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The Cutting Crew circa 1989
(From left: Nick Van Eede, Kevin Macmichael, Frosty Beedle, Colin Farley)
Please take the time to look around and let me know what you think via email or the messageboard.
Thanks for your continuing support of the band and this website!
Tom Gilmore

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