Random Notes - CREW CUTS

From Rolling Stone Magazine (#502 - June 18, 1987)
Written by Mark Coleman

What's so special about Cutting Crew?

"We're fans of songs," says guitarist Kevin Scott Macmichael. "A good song is something you can actually sit down at the piano and play so it will mean something without all the studio trickery."

Even people who don't like the British quartet's hit "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" have to admit it's catchy.

"The title came from one night when I actually said those words," says singer Nick Van Eede. "Then, in true mercenary- songwriter style, I took the pad out from under the pillow and scribbled it down. It was about a very special girl I'm still with today."

Aw, shucks. This month the band is opening shows for Huey Lewis, the Bangles and Starship.

"You'll see the true Cutting Crew," says Macmichael, "which is a lot harder edged than our album would suggest."

Posted: Oct. 16/99