From Only Music (#5, May 1987)

The most intriguing aspect of Cutting Crew's debut album is their sparing use of tiresome rock cliches. Unlike other rock 'n' roll bands from the U.K. (and the U.S. for that matter), they prove that they are extremely clever lyricists and that musically, they are very tight.

I must admit that their corny name and their 'pretty-boy' looks had me expecting another tiresome bunch of Brit-white-soulsters, but from the opening chords of "Any Colour" it was clear how wrong first impressions can be. Cutting Crew play rock. Not the 'heavy' sort like AC/DC or W.A.S.P., and not the 'wimpy' crap that bands like Journey and Boston seem to endlessly churn out. They play... uh, should I say, 'pop-rock'?

Before sickening images of Glass Tiger completely blur any value judgement you may place on Broadcast, just give a listen to the album's first single "(I Just)Died In Your Arms". It is easy to see why this single went to Number One all over the European continent.

If I were to say this album wasn't commercial, well, I would be lying. But is being commercially viable always a kiss of death for artists seeking credibility with fans of 'alternative music'. It shouldn't. Give these Brits a listen. Try it, you might like it! - B.C.

Posted: Oct. 16/99