December 17,2002th

Hello Tom and anybody dropping by the site. Iím writing to you from a hotel room in here in Erfurt. This city is in the former East Germany and itís a pretty festive view out there with snow falling around the fairy lights. I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you all as we draw towards the end of a very memorable year for me for both, happy and sad reasons.

Iíve been in touch with the websiteís creator, Tom Gilmore for quite a few months now and together we have been hatching some ideas for the site in the future. I want to say a big thanks to him for all his efforts over the past years in setting up the site for Cutting Crew and he has built it into the ONLY decent one for bona fide stuff on the band. I have enjoyed reading the forum and letters and have made contact with a few old friends through this. Cheers Tom, and I hope you are keeping warm enough over there in Canada. Iíll raise a glass of Gluwein to you tonight before the show.

I mentioned earlier that 2002 will always be a year I will never forget. The main reason is, of course, Kevinís illness. I consider Kevin to be my best friend and as I met him a few years before my dad died, he kind of filled that gap in as many ways as anybody could. I speak with Kevin and his family and friends regularly and would be with him still if I could but the music is keeping me busier than ever for the past 3 months. I moved over to Canada and lived in Halifax with Kevin for 4 months this Spring/Summer and I feel privileged to have shared that time with my old pal: and this time on his turf instead of back in England or any of the other countries we spent good times in the past. The Maritimes of Canada are in my view, the home of the warmest, open-armed and frankly, booziest folk I have ever had the time to spend decent time with.

Kevin and Nick, Spring 2002

Putting together the show for Kevin was a proud moment for many very kind and generous folk who really cared and wanted to show something to Kevin and his daughters, Cadence and Lizzie. There is so much I could tell of our time spent together this summer but hereís one memory. We went to see my old faves, Supertramp at the Halifax Metro. I think 55% of the crowd knew Kevin personally and wanted to say hello and wish him the best. This combined with his walking with a cane, I think we took over an hour to get to our seats. The show was nearly excellent and we played harmony air guitars in the outro of Crime of the Century. Kevinís performance was perfect, mine was, as usual a little shaky but played with lots of feeling!!!

He is doing just fine and is surrounded by the most tender loving folk one could wish to have in oneís life. He has asked me to send his Xmas wishes to you all and especially thank the hundreds of you who have written all those sincere and sustaining letters to him. He proudly keeps them by his side in a folder along with all of the other stuff he has dredged out of his past. He has some outrageous rockstar photos of him hanging with Plant and Kravitz, plus some very revealing (literally) stuff of me and Frosty backstage. Start your bids here!!!!

I wish him another million years of being my best mate and simply the greatest guitarist ever!!!

So back to the hotel room in Erfurt. I am on tour with a remarkable collection of brilliantly talented folk. It is a famous event throughout Belgium and Holland and Germany and is called The Night of the Proms. It has been snowballing each year into a bigger and more spectacular show and I got the invitation a couple of months ago. I am performing alongside, Alphaville, David Garret, the Pointer Sisters, Foreigner and Simple Minds. This is all just the icing on the cake. The cake is truly remarkable; a full symphony orchestra and feckiní choir.

Pinch me if I sometimes drift off. There is a crew of 214 and we play on average to 12,000 promenaders a night. If you are British youíll be familiar with the Prom concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London each year. A night of fab classical music with a mixed selection of pieces and artistes. This show has taken that tradition and achieved something very special and, at times, a little eccentric. To hear 10,000 Germans singing Land of Hope and Glory as the encore is bizarre to say the least. The show includes stunning renditions of excerpts from Carmina Burrana and The Planet Suite and some Rossini and Beethoven thrown in for good measure.

I am having a ball and really proud to be part of this. The only sad thing is that Kevin is not here beside me each night but the band on stage with me is pretty stellar; including John Miles on piano & Lawrie Wisefield on guitar.

Well Iíve got to go and soundcheck now but I will write again before the year ends with a few updates & maybe some tasty morsels of tour gossip. Christmas cheer to you all from me here in Germany and from Kevin in Canada.

Nick van Eede.